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A MESSAGE FROM FATHER MONTY: Today—Easter Sunday--we proclaim that we believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. What is resurrection?
Carlo Carretto (1910 - 1988) was a member of the Little Brothers of Jesus, an order inspired by the spirituality of Charles de Foucauld. He was born in northern Italy and wanted to become a teacher. His plans changed with the rise of fascism in Italy, and he joined Catholic Action, a movement that aimed to mobilize the laity in promoting the religious and social message of the church. In his book Blessed Are You Who Believed, Little Brother Carlo describes resurrection like this:
“When the world seems a defeat of God and you are sick with the disorder, the violence, the terror, the war on the streets; when the earth seems to be chaos, say to yourself, ‘Jesus died and rose again on purpose to save, and his salvation is already with us.’
When your father or your mother, your son or your daughter, your spouse or your friend are on their death-bed, and you are looking at them in the pain of parting, say, ‘We shall see each other gain in the Kingdom; courage…’
Every departing missionary is an act of faith in the resurrection.
Every newly-opened leper-hospital is an act of faith in the resurrection.
Every peace treaty is an act of faith in the resurrection.
Every agreed commitment is an act of faith in the resurrection.
When you forgive your enemy
When you feed the hungry
When you defend the weak
you believe in the resurrection.
When you have the courage to marry
When you welcome the newly-born child
When you build your home
you believe in the resurrection.
When you wake at peace in the morning
When you sing to the rising sun
When you go to work with joy
You believe in the resurrection.”

GOOD STEWARDS – Under the direction of catechists Joe Polito, Heather Reiner, Joe Glover, our Seventh and Eighth Grade R.E.P. classes donated over $124.00 and 200 pounds of food to Community Action of Clarion County. The kids “Cup for a Can” fellowship fundraiser was a tremendous success. Thank You for your support!

Key Passage:
Then the other disciple, who reached the tomb first, also went in, and he saw and believed. (John 20:8)
What disciple in the Easter Gospel are you most like in your faith – the beloved disciple, Peter, Mary Magdalene?
Jesus is with us today. How can you see him in the people around you in Church?

WHAT KIND OF STEWARD AM I? Alleluia! During the past six weeks, our parish community has prayed, fasted and given alms with a special focus on the poorest members of our global community. Our lives were touched by stories from Kenya, Guatemala, the Philippines, Malawi, Haiti, and the United States. Through our Lenten prayers and donations, we have touched the lives of millions of people served by Catholic Relief Services, our representative to the poorest communities in the world. Thank you for your generosity! Visit www.crs.org to stay connected with the Church’s work on behalf of those in need around the world.


Sept. 7             Confirmation at 11:00am Mass
November 1    Reverse Raffle
Nov. 3-13        “Best of Ireland” Parish Pilgrimage


11 Days:  November 3 – 13, 2014 
$2829 Roundtrip from Cleveland 
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Hosted by 
Rev. Monty Sayers 

Roundtrip Air from Cleveland, First Class/Select Hotels, 
Most Meals, Professional Driver/Guide & Comprehensive Sightseeing 

Waterford * Killarney * Galway, 
Connemara * Knock * Sligo * Dublin 
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