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A MESSAGE FROM FATHER MONTY - Are you a registered member of Immaculate Conception parish? You may come to mass every Sunday, but are you a registered member of Immaculate Conception Church? Membership includes active participation in the sacramental life of the church, involvement in the activities of the faith community and financial support of the parish. 
An adult child of a registered parishioner, after graduation from college, during their military service, or after moving out town, is no longer a member of this parish. In order to schedule a wedding or baptism at Immaculate Conception—or to obtain permission to be a godparent or Confirmation sponsor-you must be registered in a parish. To schedule an appointment for registration or for more information call me at 226-8433 Ext. 102.

FLOWERS AT THE ALTAR - The floral arrangement at the altar is given for the Glory of God, in honor of the marriage of Jeremy Lander and Katie O’Neil, and in memory of their Grandparents. May Jeremy and Katie rejoice always in the blessings of their sacrament of Marriage.

WINTER GUIDELINES ISSUED FOR ERIE DIOCESAN CEMETERIES - All potted plants, empty pots and containers must be removed from the parish cemetery by October 31. Winter decorations and holiday wreaths are permitted after November 1. Your assistance will help keep the cemetery grounds clean, safe and beautiful during the winter months.

Key Passage "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God " (Mark 10:25).
Adult How can the pleasures and comforts of the world become barriers to your relationship with Jesus?
Child What favorite toy, game, video, etc., of yours would you be willing to share with someone this week?
WHAT KIND OF STEWARD AM I? Giving and sharing are learned responses. It is our responsibility to teach our young people to share.


October 11 Chicken and Biscuit Dinner

November 7 Reverse Raffle

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